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Round 1 // Challenge 5 - Entries

Story Title: Only Human
Character/Relationships: Carlisle Cullen and Thomas Wayne
Rating: PG
Warnings: Twilight crossover with Nolanverse Batman films

Gotham City, 1982

Carlisle moved toward the door, quicker than the human eye could follow. In fact, the one such set of eyes that did notice belonged to a 60ish man with wire-rimmed glasses. He saw Carlisle's motion as a flicker of light, and he squinted against what he thought was glare from some nonexistent sunshine, removing his spectacles and rubbing at them stubbornly. He would have no recollection of Carlisle later, as he had never really seen him at all. And since he had come to Gotham General's emergency room because of a severe headache that was soon to erupt into a brain hemorrhage, even if he had seen the ephemeral doctor, it wouldn't have mattered.

The Cullen Family and their ilk counted on the disbelief of those around them. During the past century, the world had become more and more skeptical and less superstitious, and this served those who lived just outside the lines of human civilization, as the Cullens did.

The others in the dimly lit waiting room noticed nothing more than a rush of air as the door inexplicably blew ajar. Before a nearby nurse could move to shut it, it surprised her by shutting itself, as quickly as it had opened.

Outside Carlisle rushed to the private spot where he parked his Mercedes. As he sped down the ramp, another doctor turned his head and elbowed a colleague. "There goes Cullen, late for Le Mans," he said. Carlisle's driving habits were well known at Gotham General.

It was 40 minutes to the Pallisades, and another ten to the top of the winding road that led to Wayne Manor. On foot he could have made it much faster, but he needed to make an official appearance, to enter still wearing his white coat and toting his black bag. There were more than a dozen cars parked in the gravel drive of the manor, cars with familiar insignias that announced the affluence of their owners, like Jaguar, Lexus, Infinity and even Masarati. Carlisle's car fit right in.

The Waynes' manservant, Alfred, opened the door and welcomed him. "In the conservatory, Doctor," he said. "It appears he may have slipped and hit his head."

Carlisle knew the way; he hurried past the British butler, down the hall to the northeast wing of the house. As he entered the conservatory, he couldn't help thinking of the party game, Clue, imagining Colonel Mustard wielding a candlestick.

He turned past a row of lush foliage, and saw a tableau that caught at his throat. There on the Italian marble floor lay a pale-faced Dr. Thomas Wayne, dressed for a party in a fine tuxedo; next to him squatted his young son, Bruce, wearing an expression of stunned horror.

"It's all right, Bruce," Carlisle said in his most soothing voice. "I'm here to help."

"Don't be afraid," Thomas said, trying to sit up. "I'm all right."

Carlisle went down on one knee next to his friend and colleague, reaching a hand out to gently touch the man's skull. There was no obvious fracture, but he knew Thomas could possibly have a concussion. He reached in his pocket for a small flashlight, flicked it on and studied Thomas' shrinking pupils.

"I think you're fine."

Alfred entered the conservatory behind Carlisle. "Master Bruce, come with me," he said, reaching for the boy.

Bruce rose reluctantly and allowed Alfred to take his hand, his eyes never leaving his father's face as he was led from the room. The sight of his naked love clutched at Carlisle's throat. He was a father himself--had chosen to be one--and he found no other tie as touching.

"Help me up, will you, Carlisle?"

Thomas reached around and rubbed the back of his neck. "I think I'm going to have a headache. I hate scaring Bruce that way."

"Bruce will be all right, Thomas. He's stronger than you think."

Gotham City, 1985

"Get Alice on the phone!" Carlisle said.

Esme looked quizzically at her husband, just as Edward rushed into the room.

"Carlisle--" he began.

The front page of the Gotham Times was spread across the empty dining room table, two-inch headlines announcing the murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne. The accompanying photograph was somewhat dark, but managed to capture the slumped bodies of Gotham's much-loved couple lying in the street, with young Bruce kneeling beside his father, eyes wide. The similarity of the scene struck Carlisle with brute force, reddening his eyes.

Edward stared at him with concern, obviously sharing the mental slideshow of his memories of Thomas Wayne, whom he originally met during his most recent stint in medical school. Their later collaboration as fellow doctors had been a rare treat for Carlisle, who counted few men among his friends during his centuries of existence.

Carlisle didn't even attempt to disguise his pain at the loss of his friend. Or of the innocence of his friend's son.

Forks, Washington, 2006

Carlisle sat flipping through the Gotham Times; he had the Sunday edition mailed to him every week, along with the Chicago Tribune, London's Daily Telegraph and the Wall Street Journal. He found several articles about the mysterious Batman, about the creature's reported superhuman speed and freakish acrobatic abilities, climbing up the side of skyscrapers and soaring through the Gotham night. If he didn't know better, he'd believe this Batman was one of their own.

But he did know better, thanks to Alice.

He had always sensed that Thomas Wayne's son was stronger than he appeared. Evidently the events of the years since his parents' death had served as a forge to steel his strength, both mental and physical. And now he was taking on the most dangerous city in the world, seemingly single-handedly.

Carlisle picked up the phone and dialed a number he knew by heart. He hesitated, just for a moment, not sure how he would ever explain himself.

But Bruce Wayne was only human. And he would eventually need a good doctor.

Story Title: Girl Talk (Or: What You Get for Snooping)
Character/Relationships: Bella, Jessica, Angela (from Edward’s POV)
Rating: PG-13, only because of their subject matter
Warnings: Alternate fic: picks up the evening Bella stuffs graduation envelopes at Angela’s house in Eclipse.

I followed her as far as Angela’s driveway, then continued straight past to the stop sign at the corner. In the split second I paused there, I heard her truck’s engine cut off. Despite how badly I wanted to race back and grab her (physically if needed), and shake her for what she’d put me through this afternoon, I forced myself to execute my turn, making a left onto the next street. Half a block later, her driver’s-side door slammed closed. (And it did slam, at least as much as Bella was capable of slamming it.) Half a block after that, Angela’s doorbell rang, and her feet sounded on the interior stairs. The door opened, but whatever Bella said in greeting, I was, by then, too many blocks away to hear.

I circled back around, of course.

The long afternoon had drained me to the core; knowing she was over that boundary--with him in all his animalistic glory--and out of my reach had stripped me of whatever semblance of self-control or attempt to respect her privacy I usually feigned to possess. She’d be at Angela’s stuffing and addressing envelopes for at least a few hours, and I had every intention of being there (or rather, here, right around the corner to her house) to listen to every word, laugh, and sigh. Eavesdropping? Not in the literal sense; I’d stay in my car. Snooping? Maybe, but Bella wasn’t the only one capable of crossing a boundary.


For a while, there wasn’t much to hear. After only a brief inquiry as to how she was feeling (which Bella clearly didn’t want to answer), Angela tactfully moved the topic of conversation to Biology, and then to something Eric had said on the latest field trip with Mr. Varner, and then to graduation plans. Their words ebbed and flowed for the next half hour with comfortable silences, the sound of cards being folded and stuffed, and the scratch of pen on paper.

But I hadn’t counted on Jessica Stanley. She showed up shortly after Bella, and quickly hijacked the conversation to focus around herself and her current boy trouble. It seemed she’d hit a rough patch (or another?) with Mike, and after precisely 17 minutes of monopolized a discussion centering around what she should or should not do about the situation, I tuned out. I leaned my seat back, cranked up the Volvo’s state-of-the-art sound system, and closed my eyes.

When I opened them, the conversation had taken quite the turn. “Well,” Jessica was pressing, “how long were you and Edward together before you went all the way?”

My eyes opened. Debussy was switched off. What had I missed?

“Um. Actually…” Bella’s breath caught; was she biting her lip? She was; through Jessica’s eyes, she was definitely biting her lip. “We’re not…actually.”

Silence, physical and mental. The minds of both girls had been wiped empty with this statement.

Naturally, Jessica recovered her voice first. “Oh. Jeez. Awk-ward.” She stretched the word out into two high pitched notes in a sound that physically made me grimace.

“No…no it’s not, Jess.” Angela now. She was nodding her head in Bella’s direction in what was supposed to be encouragement. Solidarity. Her mind was filled only with the need to soothe, to accept, to soften whatever blow Jessica’s face must be sending Bella’s way. And ah, there it was. Lovely. “I think it’s great. Bella shouldn’t do anything until she’s ready. Let him wait for her. He should wait for her!”

Ah. So she had it backward. Would Bella correct her?

“It’s not…it’s not me who wants to wait.”

Yes, apparently she would. Once again, silence reigned. This time, utter incomprehension filled both girls’ minds, and in the pause, my own mind felt scrambled. Do girls always talk this much? Do they always tell this much, or had Bella snapped?

“But how could that be?” Jessica was arguing. “I see how he looks at you. I mean, how could I not? Her thoughts shot disgust., insecurity, and jealousy in Bella‘s direction. “The guy clearly adores you.”

“Adoration, yes. Definitely.” Through Jessica’s eyes, Angela’s head was again bopping up and down in decisive agreement. “For sure.”

From Bella: hesitation. Even I could feel it, this far away, see it in the minds of the other girls. When she spoke, her voice was soft. Unsure. I hated that uncertainly. (How could she be anything but sure?) “It’s just not…like that. With us.”

“But…you want it to be?” Angela again. Gently probing, never prying.

“It’s complicated. He has his reasons.” Her head was down; I could see that through Angela‘s eyes. She was fiddling with the envelope in her hands. I wondered if she felt cornered. I did.

But perhaps no, because suddenly, her head came up. And when she spoke, something strong had returned to her tone. Not confidence, I didn’t think, but certainty was back, that much was clear. “I’m not…enough for him, is the thing.”


My sentiments were echoed by both Angela and Jess. “Not enough?”

“Not mature enough, you know? Not pretty enough.” She drew a breath in one great gulp; I could swear I could hear the sound of her lungs expanding from here. “Not sophisticated enough. Not smart enough.” She was clearly on a roll now. “Not--”

“Well that’s bullshit.” Jessica, of course. I could see her through Angela’s point-of-view then, leaning forward in earnestness, hands up in emphasis. “Listen to me, Bella. You have to make a stand. There’s not a human being in the world who could live up to all that.”

“Yeah.” And just like that, Bella sounded defeated. Weary. Worst than that, over it. “Not a human being in the world.” Her head was back down, her eyes back on the envelope. “That’s pretty much sums up the problem, doesn‘t it?”

Story Title: Alone Against the World
Character/Relationships: Quil Ateara, Jacob Black, Embry Call, mentions of Sam Uley- Gen
Rating: PG- 13
Warnings: some language, set somewhere between New Moon and Eclipse

He didn't really know what had happened.

It had always been the three of them; Jacob, Embry and Quil against the world. Together, they could take on anybody- person, animal, gang. Even Sam and his bullies, if they wanted to.

And then... Jacob got sick. Two weeks went by; two long weeks where they weren't even allowed to see their best friend, and then Jacob was back like nothing had changed. Except it had. Everything had changed, and somehow, Jacob had become Sam's lapdog. He'd barely talk to his former best friends; would just stare at Sam like the fucking moon shone out of his ass.

Quil and Embry had laughed it off, talked shit about Jake behind his back, and firmly told themselves he'd be back in a couple of weeks.

But then, Embry had fallen sick as well. And the whole dreaded procedure had repeated itself. Except now Quil was the one alone. And that was a first.

He walked alone for a few weeks, hoping beyond belief that his two best( only ) friends would see reason and come back. Or even just invite him to join Sam's stupid club as well. When they didn't, he decided he was the one who had to take the initiative.

After school, he walked up to them. They were (of course) going over to Sam's.

"Hi," he said and stretched out a hand. "My name is Quil, I think you've met me before?"

Jacob and Embry exchanged a confused, but sort of guilty, look.

"Yeah," Quil continued, "I usually hang out with a couple of friends of mine, but they're currently ditching me to hang with Sam Uley and his 'cooler' gang. Maybe you've heard of them? Their names are Jake and Embry."

"Quil," Embry started, but he was cut off.

"Yeah, you know, I never really thought they were a pair of fucking hypocrites," Quil spat, "but hey! Guess I was wrong. But enough about me, how are you doing?"

To be honest, Quil had been mentally prepared for a lot of different reactions to that little speech. Everything from a punch in the face, to a shrug and nothing. What he hadn't expected, was a gentle pat on his back and two sad smiles.

"We're sorry, Quil," Embry said warmly.

"Give it a couple of weeks," Jacob promised him, a hand on his shoulder. "It'll be a lot simpler to explain then. That's all we can say for now."

"Bye, Quil," Embry said, and the two boys left.

Quil stood in the schoolyard, feeling more alone and confused than ever.

Three weeks later, Quil got sick.

Story Title: Breakaway
Character/Relationships: Renesmee, Cullen family, characters from Glee
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: High school bullying and a derogatory name. Also, I borrowed Kelly Clarkson’s song for a Glee inspired crossover.

My heart was pounding faster than usual as I peaked between the curtains. The auditorium was almost full. No sign of my family. I think my heart would break if they didn’t come. It wouldn’t stop me from doing this though. I made up my mind whether they supported my decision or not.

Mr. Schuester got the audience to settle down and introduced me as their newest member, “Please give Vanessa Cullen a warm welcome.”

Their applause filled my ears and I took a breath. As the curtains opened I looked into the blinding spotlight.

I left it all behind and let the notes take over me.

Grew up in a small town
And when the rain would fall down
I'd just stare out my window
Dreaming of what could be
And if I'd end up happy
I would pray

The music room was empty. I wasn’t supposed to be there, but every now and then I’d cut gym to be alone and write music.

One day though I had unexpected visitors. With my heightened senses, I knew the whole Glee club was standing behind me before they let on they were listening in. I think on some level I was asking to get caught.

So, I continued to play the piano and sing. I was entranced by the song as it took me places far away from my limitations. Places where I didn’t have to lie, and I could be myself with no repercussions.

When the last note on the piano drifted into silence I held the note with my voice until I woke from my dream.

When I turned around everyone was in awe and shock. Except maybe Rachel Berry, who looked worried.

That was when I joined New Directions.

Trying hard to reach out
But when I tried to speak out
Felt like no one could hear me
Wanted to belong here
But something felt so wrong here
So I prayed I could break away

My family was furious, except Jake. Grandma and Grandpa were calm and diplomatic about it. Everyone else started a war with me. I closed my eyes as I listened to each of them yelling over each other to be heard.

“How can you even think of joining glee club? Why do you even want to? You have a piano here.”

“You’re bringing unwanted attention to our family. If they figure out what we really are we’ll have to move again.”

“If you make it to Nationals the Volturi will hear of it and they’ll pay us a visit. You’re endangering our family.”

I stopped listening. It all turned to incomprehensible noise anyway till I slammed my fists on the keys of dad’s nineteenth century Steinway grand piano.

That shut them up.

Now it was my turn to speak, “I am so sick of missing out on everything. I’m on the outside looking in. I repeat high school over and over and yet I feel life is passing me by. I finally have the chance to be a normal human. It’s just Glee club, not the Grammy’s. So stop overreacting and just support me.”

I'll spread my wings and I'll learn how to fly
I'll do what it takes till' I touch the sky
And I'll make a wish
Take a chance
Make a change
And breakaway

I closed my locker and turned to Mercedes, “Rachel didn’t look too happy that Mr. Schuester gave me a solo in Friday’s recital.”

“Don’t worry about her. She has to tune down the diva vibe and realize she can’t get every solo.”

“Mercedes is right,” Kurt added, “you need to think about your performance and still pick a song. Any ideas?”

“I’ve been listening to Kelly Clarkson lately.” It was then that I saw someone from the football team approach us with a large cup in his hand. Mercedes and Kurt turned to see what I looking at. They braced themselves.

I thought this was it. This is my initiation into Glee. I was ready for it. Ready to be treated like a misfit, an outcast. It was so degrading and I felt stupid that I was welcoming this idiotic human ritual, but I wanted every human experience.

With one look into his eyes the jock got scared. He turned around and gulped down his slushie.

With their jaws dropped Mercedes and Kurt said in unison, “Did you see that?”

“Yea, that was weird.” I guess no matter how hard I tried I could never be fully human.

We turned to walk to lunch. As we entered the lunchroom another jock threw a slushie into Kurt’s face. Then he laughed like a dumb zoo animal.

Mercedes helped Kurt clean up. Anyone could see through the blue slush on his face Kurt was upset.

I grabbed the first drink I saw and threw it in his face, “You juice head!”

Goes without saying, I got detention for the first time in my life. It was worth it.

Out of the darkness and into the sun
But I won't forget all the ones that I love
I'll take a risk
Take a chance
Make a change
And breakaway

Music is such an indescribable power. As I sang for my audience I felt invincible and I wanted everyone listening to feel that way too.

When I finished everyone from Glee joined me on stage. I looked at each of them and I was happy. If I hadn’t taken a chance and followed my heart I’d miss out on all of this.

The auditorium erupted into applause and cheers. As I looked out I saw nine people get up from their seats. Uncle Emmett was hollering with approval to the point where it was embarrassing. Then I saw my parents and I knew they were happy for me. They would be crying if they could.

The rest of auditorium followed my family’s lead and gave us a standing ovation. Joining hands with Kurt and Mercedes, we bowed.

Story Title: With no Power Comes no Responsibility
Character/Relationships: Edward, Bella, Jasper, Mike
Rating: M
Warnings: strong language - Kick-Ass crossover.

“I bet you’re feeling real super now, huh motherfucker? Go on, get up! Shoot your web at me. Run me over in your batmobile, douchebag.”

At some point in a man’s life, he’ll come to a very important fork in the metaphorical road – diverged in a yellow wood he’s got to decide whether or not he should take the path less traveled by pussies.

Mike Newton hovered over me nostrils flaring like a dragon. His fingers twisted up in my suit and I felt myself being lifted off of the ground. “I said get up, asshole.”

This, ladies and gentlemen was my fork in the road, and yeah, a swollen eye and a broken nose had pretty persuasive arguments when it came down to which path to choose. But, that’s the thing, until this very moment, I’d always picked the well-worn trek to coozdom. Guys like Mike, you know, the asshole type that pins all of his hopes and dreams on a letterman jacket, the guy who’ll graduate as homecoming king but show up to the ten year reunion all beer guts and bald patches, the dude who peaked way too early in life – those guys, get it easy at a time when the rest of us are just fighting to stay breathing.

As my head lolled painfully to the side I caught a glimpse of her out of my good eye, and in that moment I knew flirting with greatness wasn’t going to be enough. I wasn’t going to hold out for some sort of nerd consolation prize package at age thirty. Future Mike Newton unsuccessful and fifty pounds overweight wasn’t going to be enough.

In the back of my throat, I gathered the biggest, bloodiest lougie I could muster and I spat it right into his dopey face. “Fuck. You.”

Bella Swan asked for a hero. I was in the thick of the yellow wood, and I couldn’t let her down.

One Week Previous

“So, what do you think?”

Jasper’s eyes flickered from the jet black diving suit, to my winning smile, and back again.

“I think you’re a dipshit,” he said quickly picking up his Xbox controller. “Now, get over here so we can finish playing.”

“Th-that’s it?” I stammered. “That’s all you’ve got to say?”

“What else am I supposed to say, Edward?” He shrugged. “What, that you need to get off of the internet and try living in the real world for a little bit?”

I rolled my eyes. “Right, I’ll just spend all of my time screaming at ten year olds on Live instead.”

“That’s different,” Jasper snickered. “You don’t see me running around in a Master Chief costume trying to ‘protect’ the world from aliens.”

“It’s a movement, Jazz,” I sighed, plopping down next to him. “Don’t you see? Kick-Ass started something special. Ordinary guys like us – we don’t have to play pretend to feel like we’re making a difference anymore.”

“Kick-Ass is just some idiot with a death wish. Besides, he’s got New York to ‘defend’. What the fuck kind of danger are you going to save the citizens of Forks from? Seventh graders stealing candy at the Sack and Pack?” He laughed shoving a controller into my hand. “We’re doing zombies on lockout, Peter Parker.”

“Go ahead and mock, but one day someone’s gonna need my help. And when they do, I’ll be ready.”

Story Title: Protect and defend
Character/Relationships: Seth, Emmett
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: None

He was big, strong, even for a vampire, which was why it was so weird to see him lying on the ground so hurt and helpless. Emmett, I think, is what they call him. On the very few times I’ve been face to face with the Cullens I’ve never once heard him say any hateful remark against my kind.

It wouldn’t be the first time the Cullens have been the target of other vampires. They’re one of the reasons this area is completely off limits for human hunting. Such a waste, I imagine, due to our rainy weather.

So they’ve attacked him. Whatever vampire clan is now roaming our land ganged up on him and nearly kill him. They would have, if it hadn’t been for me. I jumped and took one of the leeches off of Emmett. They probably thought there were more of my kind because I blinked and they were gone.

Now I sat there, still in my wolf form, wondering what the hell to do next. It probably wouldn’t be wise to call my pack, and I thought of going to the Cullen residence but I didn’t want to leave Emmett there.

It was weird, what I was doing and the way I was feeling. I knew I shouldn’t have helped the vampire. He was my enemy, the one I was born to kill. And yet I saved him. Did that make me some kind of traitor? But then again, isn’t the reason why I phased to protect this land? The cold ones do the same thing. I don’t know why, probably not out of a cal of nature like us, but they do. So, isn’t saving one of our land’s guardians protecting my land as well? Probably my pack wouldn’t see it that way, god know my sister definitely wouldn’t. Probably the Cullens wouldn’t either.

The sound of a branch cracking brought me back form my thoughts. There was another vampire there. Probably the mixed scent of Emmett and the hostile leeches made it hard for me to notice the addition of a new scent. I turned around and saw the head of the Cullen household, with the blonde girl following closely behind.

“What the hell?” the blonde asked with anger. She was more than ready to jump at me, though the doctor stopped her.

“Wait,” he said.

“Why? He did this to him!” the girl accused.

“He didn’t.” It came in a soft voice. Emmett had answered though his eyes remained still closed.

“He didn’t,” he repeated.

“What happened then?” the girl asked.

“Vampires,” Emmett said. “Nomads.” The girl who was obviously Emmett’s mate shared a concerned look with her “father”.

The doctor approached Emmett and carried him on his arms.

“I think it’s safe to say Emmett wouldn’t be alive if it weren’t for you,” he said me. “And I can’t thank you enough for taking care of one of my sons.”

The blonde girl looked at me with mixed emotions showing on her face. On one hand she was clearly repulsed by my presence and probably even my existence and on the other she couldn’t bring herself to spit the hateful words that she usually reserved for my kind.

“We’ll see that these vampires leave this land as soon as possible. I am sure we can count with your tribe’s help for that,” the doctor continued. I nodded and turned around, se ton getting back to my reservation as fast as I could.

This was all so new to me. A shifter saving a vampire, a cold one thanking a werewolf. It confused me, but at the same time it made me feel so proud. As I arrived at my home I thought of one thing: tonight I had made a stand against a lifetime of hate. I had set the difference between killing a vampire to fulfill my life mission and truly defending my land.

Story Title: Claiming my Birthright
Character/Relationships: Jacob
Rating: PG
Warning: N/a

Sam was wrong. Attacking the Cullen’s and killing Bella was wrong. I could not be a participant in killing my best friend, the woman I loved, simply because she now carried an unborn monster inside of her. She was still my Bella and whether I liked it or not, she needed my help more than ever now. I fought against the binds holding me in place, making me want to obey Sam’s orders, and a thought crossed my mind that I never wanted to have. No one could disobey the Alpha’s orders, except for me. I was the true Alpha of the pack, but until this very moment, had disowned it. Sam was a better leader than I would ever be or wanted to be, but that did not mean I had to follow him any longer.

Now though, to protect Bella’s life, I was ready to claim my birthright. As the bonds fell from my body and I embraced what was rightly mine, I was exhilarated and sad at the same time. I wanted the freedom to make choices for myself; but with that freedom, came an overwhelming sense of loneliness. I no longer had a pack. It was not what I wanted, but there was no going back now. Regardless of what happened next, I had claimed my heritage, and the outcome of my destiny was my own to decide.
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