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Need, Take, Have

Round 1 // Challenge 9 - RESULTS

.... and here are the results!

Congratulations to mistressmarilyn who won this challenge!

We are sorry to say that frostbit_sky has/have been voted out of this round. Remember, we all want to improve our writing, and please accept the feedback offered as constructive criticism intended only to help you improve your writing skills. We hope you have enjoyed the experience, will continue to read and vote for the remainder of this round, and will return for the next round.

The following is the scoreboard of members. You can read it like this from left to right.

If you'd like GENERAL feedback, reply to this unmonitored, free-for-all post posting asking for feedback to which others may respond as they have time. Please report any issues directly to the mod.

To get the feedback FROM ME that accompanied the “best/least written” votes your story received, reply to the 'VOTE FEEDBACK' comment that I made below with your user name, and I will send it to you. You may request feedback until the Wed following the posting of the results. After that, I will be deleting all feedback I have in my email. Please do not ask for feedback if you have a 0 votes in the FOR or AGAINST places, as I have none to give.

Do as you wish with the feedback; however, please do not take the feedback personally and become offended.
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