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Round 1 // Challenge 10 - VOTING POST (last of round)

Voting Closes on Sunday, January 9th @ 5:00 PM EST!

01. Unless you have a very good reason not to read a story (if there are warnings for rape, extreme sexual/graphic content, etc), then you must read all stories when voting.

02. Even if you've never seen one of the shows (if you've never see [insert show here], or maybe [insert show here], etc) or even a specific season, you still need to read all the entries from the show when voting. Your votes only count if you read and vote in all the categories! (we can't have an uneven amount of voters, it will throw the voting process off)

03. ALL stories should be given EQUAL standing, no matter the characters, show or relationships, etc.

04. You may ask your friends on the internet to vote as long as they have a LiveJournal account. You may NOT tell them your story title, so they can vote for you.

05. DO NOT, discuss your vote with anyone until after voting has ended. If I discover that anyone discussed votes biasing either/both parties' votes, or there seems to be some kind of collusion, the votes WILL NOT COUNT and such actions will result in the removal of the author (if still playing).

06. You are voting for the best written story (not necessarily your favorite, but the best written based on identifiable criteria which you will state in your reason for your vote and the story you think was the LEAST well written (not the one you disliked the most, but least well written, again, there is a difference). Please ASK or clarify if you don't understand the difference

07. When you vote, you must give a reason for your vote (the criteria on which you based your decision. The reasons must be thought out and somewhat descriptive.

08. Current players of a round MAY vote, they just must NOT vote for themselves.

09. Players who have defaulted and/or been voted out in the current round MAY still vote!

10. ALL votes are screened and anonymous - now and forever! I will never tell you who voted which way nor who gave which specific comments.

11. You MUST vote for BOTH Best and Least; if you submit a vote for only Best, it will NOT be accepted

12. You may ask any questions you have about voting in the comment thread below called 'QUESTIONS'.

01. You may not vote against a story simply because of ...
- its word count (you think it's too short or too long)
- you don't agree/like/etc the relationship written about in the story
- you don't agree/like/etc the character(s) written about in the story
- you don't agree/like/etc the show(s) written about in the story
- the story has slash and you don't agree with or like slash

02. You may vote for a winning story because ...
- it was the best written (but only if you explain WHY it was the best written)
- uses the prompt in the best and creative way (but you must describe how that was so)

03. See the following examples of acceptable and unacceptable voting;

ACCEPTABLE: I vote for [insert story title here as best story because the characterization of [insert character here] was right on and the dialogue sounded like it came right out of the show.

ACCEPTABLE: I vote for [insert story title here] as the worst because it clearly ignores the canon from [insert show/episode here], without establishing in any way that the story is an AU. (if AUs are acceptable for that prompt)

ACCEPTABLE: I vote for [insert story here] because it was the most well written story BECAUSENOT ACCEPTABLE</b>: I vote for [insert story here] as best story because [insert pairing here] is just the cutest pairing ever!

NOT ACCEPTABLE: I vote for [insert story here] as the worst story because who could possibly think that [insert character here] would pair up with [insert character here]?

NOT ACCEPTABLE: I vote for [insert story here] because it was the most well written story.

For more examples of what is not acceptable and why, using real life votes, visit here.

01. Copy the following information and paste it into a comment to MY comment that has the subject 'VOTING' in it.


Prompt: Blurred Lines

DO NOT make a new comment when voting, REPLY to the VOTING comment I made below!
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